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The substrate under the laminate

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The flooring of the floor of laminated flooring is impossible without the use of a special substrate for the laminate. It provides protection of the material from contact with the draft base of the floor, and also creates additional sound insulation, thermal insulation and moisture protection. In this case, the laminate substrate also levels irregularities to facilitate the installation.

The most popular substrates are made of polystyrene foam and traffic jams. Synthetic is much cheaper than natural, they are more moisture resistant. They are not subject to rot and blows of mold. However, they can be deformed over time, and then the laminated coating can sag.

Cross -sides under the laminate practically do not change shape, they have the best properties of thermal protection. But they can lead to condensate, which will have a bad effect on a tree. However, they also do not rot and do not mold. However, this is a more expensive option. There are several types of such building materials: from pressed crumbs, with the addition of rubber, with a bitumen layer.

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