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Chemical wastewater treatment

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Chemical cleaning of the Topolwater wastewater properly operate on the technique of natural biological cleaning of dirty drained drains, in combat with bubble aeration. High -quality air additive – not natural. The chemical process is required for the most important breakdown of the organic matter and its components in purified waters.

The difficult course of the work looks: polluted drains merge directly into the taking dishes or tank, in which their infusion is partially distributed. Here, the priority washing is worked out from the harmful components contained in contaminated drained drains. This order has the name: “Chemical cleaning of wastewater and professional processing of dirty wastewater”.

Let’s switch to the next moment: already graduating from the initial periods of muddy water, it falls into a pre -prepared for this – air tank. In it, all combinations are destroyed by silt, thorough by its oxidation.  

Further, after the desired repetition of the moments of IL (active), due to the internal erlift, it is fed to the stabilizer. No longer needed in the course of accumulation, is loaded into a special. A tank from which is pumped out by an airolift. Chemical wastewater cleaning is the elementary installation in the right place of the summer cottage.

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