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What you need to pay more attention when installing the bathroom

by britainsnews

It is not as difficult to install a bath as connecting pipes or make a cladding tile. If the bathroom has large sizes, then you can install the bath in the middle of the room, in this case you will have to make the walls of the walls completely from the lower part of the wall – to the upper. If the bath must be put in a corner, then the wall that touches the bath will not be lined completely, but to the side.

In order to have no troubles and extra waste, before buying a bath you must definitely make measurements. When buying a bathtub itself, it is necessary to pay attention to a set of the legs on which it should stand, otherwise you will have to do it yourself, which is an additional work and loss of precious time.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that under the bathroom itself will be a siphon, which has a certain height. If the dimensions are not withstanded, then you will have to either raise the bath, or hammer the floor. Such actions are also not recommended. Better to measure everything in advance. After installing the bathroom, it is necessary to make a control measurement level.

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