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Building from galinded logs

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Traveling in our immense homeland, many noticed that wooden log cabins are used in the construction of houses, it happened historically and not only. Wood as building material has been used for a very long time, since in our country in abundance of forest stands. As the next reason for the construction of houses from wood, the fact that wood has the most favorable effect on the human body. In addition, the material and economic side of wooden architecture has almost no competition when choosing a building material for building a house. It is worth noting that the tree has a fairly low thermal conductivity, which can provide the most effective property of residential premises due to the ability to maintain heat inside the house.

In order to use a glued dry log as building material, it goes through several stages of preliminary processing to build a house. Firstly, all wood is processing on specialized electronic machines. There it is customized for a given diameter. Often the section of the log is from 20 to 30 centimeters, while the length of one log ranges from six to eight meters. Also, logs are placed in machines to betray them geometrically balanced stability of wood and high quality processing. It turns out that additional polishing of the material is necessary only in exceptional cases. After logs are placed in a special solution in which the antiseptic occurs.

After the log has passed all the stages of training, it can be considered a building material and is calmly used in construction. During the construction process, the log can be adjusted to certain projects. There are many cases when tanned one -waist. Thanks to them, the construction process of houses from the galinded log becomes easier. Thanks to these cups, the inconsistency of the parts of the building with each other proceeds easily. This, in turn, allows the construction of any buildings provided for by the project.

A logs used as a building material, in comparison with a manual cutting tree, gives the house the most presentable appearance. Due to the fact that the grooves were cut down at the factory, and have the same shape, the seams of the house become more accurate and perfect. It should also be noted that the crowns of the structure have minimal gaps. This allows the connection of wood at any necessary angle according to the project.

During the construction of a wooden house, it must be understood that the creation of such a house should be made by a master with experience on work. In addition to skill and experience, a specialist in the construction of houses from a rounded log should have a high artistic and aesthetic taste. All because the beauty of wood with brilliant masterpieces of living patterns eliminates the need for additional cosmetic decoration.

Building material – a looped log is the greatest creation of nature. It can combine a lot of design solutions. If the master can take into account all the parameters of this construction swearing, then the erected house will turn out to be quite cozy, unique and beautiful.

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