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Building a house Modern ecological insulation

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In the market of insulation materials, at the moment there is a revolution. Contributes to this the emergence of new environmentally friendly and safe insulations. Mineral wools and glass wools were popular only because of their cheapness, while they had a lot of shortcomings. Mineral cotton wool can not be made absolutely safe for humans, all of them contain formaldehydes to one degree or another, when they are installed, it is necessary to use special clothing, t. To. In addition to dangerous chemical compounds, they distinguish the dust dangerous for the respiratory tract. Plus everything is mineral and glass wools are not elastic and with a neat treatment of a plate of such insulation easily break. And this is not the whole list of disadvantages of this kind of heater.

But now you can forget about this, the new inexpensive environmentally friendly and safe insulation are deprived of all these shortcomings, they are environmentally harmful, do not give dust and are extremely elastic. At the moment, the market is represented by this kind of metrias from several manufacturers, but we will consider in more detail the advantages of such materials, on the example of insulation and soundproofing material VLAD-EC. The fireproof material of VLAD-EC is not afraid of unnecessary cigarette butts, short circuit, welding troops. Insulation has low thermal conductivity. For example, when comparing insulation based on mineral watches and insulation VLAD-EK, then with the same thermal conductivity they will have a comparable price. In winter, the insulation does not freeze due to low moisture absorption and high vapor permeability.

VLAD-EC insulation has, almost 100% elasticity, which allows you to use it for the most complex surfaces, and also eliminates the risk of damage to the insulation with not accurate handling with it. The new ecological insulation VLAD-EC is not showering either during transportation, nor during installation, nor during operation. It does not give shrinkage. Due to its unique fungicidal properties, even under conditions of high humidity, fungus and mold do not form in it and rodents do not live. The insulation is very convenient to use, when installing you will not need special tools and trained specialists, the material is easily cut and is also easily attached. If necessary, it is possible to re -use the material. The material is very durable and will not lose its properties even after more than 50 years of operation. The material can be used as sound insulation, t. To. It has good sound and noise -absorbing properties. Ultimately, you decide for you, but if you care about your health, the health of your relatives and friends, then the choice is quite obvious. And at composite prices, there are no questions left at all.

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