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Characteristics of acrylic and metal baths

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Acrylic baths are also popular. From acrylic and its qualities, as well as the number of layers with which reinforcement occurs, the quality of the baths and their price depends strongly. Acrylic materials prefer a lot due to its small weight. The choice of color schemes is quite diverse. No one should be afraid that the bath will lose its appearance over time, since he was given to her even during its manufacture.

The advantage of the acrylic bath always remained high heat capacity, that is, it holds heat well – the water lowers its temperature in half an hour, only by one degree.

The cheapest of all types of baths is steel, it has a low weight, only twenty -five or thirty kilograms. But her advantage over the acrylic bathroom is that she is much stronger than the first. An important fact is the thickness of the walls of the product, the strength of the metal and stability of the metal bath depends on its size than the thickness of the wall of the bathroom, the less it will bend under the weight of the human body.

The minus of such baths is their high heat transfer indicator and poor sound insulation. She creates a lot of noise when typing water into the bath.

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