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The advantages of a logs

by britainsnews

The principles of the construction of cottages and houses for decades remain almost unchanged. Nevertheless, the range of materials that can be used during construction will constantly improve. In recent years alone, the range of materials used has seriously expanded.

Modern materials have both a lot of pluses and a lot of minuses, let’s look at them.

One of their modern materials used is a gallected log, let’s look at positive ways to use it.

As the main plus of using a gallected log, when building a house, its environmental friendliness and cheapness can be noted. In addition, a log in itself is a completely natural material that has a positive effect on the human body, highlighting beneficial substances into the air. Due to the fact that the production of this material does not require large expenses, then its price is also less than the rest.

In addition to the cheapness of the use of a gallected log, it is fraught with another advantage – a fairly low thermal conductivity. In the winter season, the house made of this material will be very good to retain heat, which in turn allows you to use non -weed walls. In addition, due to excellent heat conservation, you will need less energy for its heating. In the summer, the house is cool enough, even if the air temperature exceeded 30 degrees on the street.

Also the advantages of houses from the galled log include its aesthetics. Compared to panel or brick buildings, houses from the log house look quite beautiful, even if the finish is not used.

Many experts are attributed to the advantages of this house, the fact, it is very easy to collect it. No need to spend a lot of time and money to build this house. Moreover, if you suddenly, decide to move to another place, such a house can simply be disassembled and taken away with you, and in a new place to collect it again.

In addition to the advantages of using logs, this material has a number of disadvantages.

The main disadvantage of this house is the fact that they are very fire hazard. But this problem is also solved so that the house is not so susceptible to fire, it can be treated with special material.

The second disadvantage of a wooden house is its shrinkage. That is why many experts advise not to start finishing work earlier than half a year – a year, after collecting the structure.

Also, the disadvantages include the fact that over time the house can lose its appearance and properties. That is why it is necessary to care for building a log of logs. As a rule, you can use siding or any other facing material to protect from the influence of the external environment on your house.

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