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Alignment of walls during repairs in the apartment

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Problems of uneven walls and methods for their elimination

When the question of the full repair of the apartment comes in, the uneven walls become one of the first pit. This problem is faced not only by the owners of the “Khrushchev”, but also to apartments in new buildings. In most cases, irregularities are available only on the surface, but it so happens that the corners of the room can simply be called straight.

To correct this problem, it is necessary to identify its cause. A very common cause is uneven application of plaster or other solution. If the walls are block, then the cause of the indirect angle is an incorrectly given direction.

If the reason is the application of the solution, then you can fix the position by applying the plaster. The plaster has a number of advantages over other solutions: it lowers the humidity level and is a sound insulator. However, applying plaster, especially to a large area of ​​the room – a very laborious lesson. It is much easier to align the walls with drywall, which can also hide unwanted pipes or lighting equipment.

In addition, during the leveling of the walls, it is necessary to monitor not only the corners between the surrounding walls, but also the corners between the wall, the ceiling and the floor. If there are problems with the angle of the wall and the ceiling or floor, then they can easily be hidden for furniture, moreover, very often they are not noticeable.

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