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The use of dry building mixtures in construction

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Recommendations and criteria for choosing dry building mixtures

Any dry building mixtures are exclusively auxiliary material for construction. There is probably no work wherever dry mixes are used. Building mixtures are purchased in different quantities for the repair of premises, finishes, block construction, restoration and even insulation. Of course, such a variety comes from many positive properties that it would be just stupid to ignore during construction! Dry. The mixture is (regardless of additives) powder substance based on minerals, the color of this substance can be different and vary from white to gray. Often in the composition of the mixtures there are a number of modifiers and chemical fillers.

However, always before buying dry mixtures, you can read their composition and make sure of the use of each mixture, find out if this mixture is suitable for you. It is necessary to buy building mixtures to simplify the panting, heat -insulating, tile, putty and leveling work. Sale of building mixtures is one of the main directions of many large companies due to the variety and demand for this binder material among the people. Dry mixtures can be bought both in separate containers and wholesale purchases (whole briquettes for long construction). That is why the dry mixture is the most ambiguous and useful material, the price of which never exceeds the permissible limits!

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