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Self -whitewashing the ceiling: rules, stages and tips

by britainsnews

Witting the ceiling: types and preparation of composition, application technique

If you do not plan to spend on repair of large amounts of money, then you can beat the ceiling with lime or chalk. This method is quite cheap and environmentally friendly. The whitewashed ceiling looks discreet and goes well with many interiors. In addition, it will not be difficult for you to carry out such a repair yourself without attracting a repair team.

You must choose a type of solution for whitewashing. It can be lime or chalk. Each of them has its own characteristics. The first leaves no traces of touch, has bactericidal properties, is able to level small cracks and cracks, but some have an allergy to it. The solution prepared from the chalk forms a coating that smells but does not cause allergies, has a deeper white color.

Both of these solutions can be applied in several ways. The widening is most of all, if you whiten in two layers, having previously primed and drying the surface. Close all windows and doors during painting, there should be no draft. This is necessary so that the painting is dry evenly and do not form stains. The first layer is applied with a roller, to apply the second layer, use the sprayer.

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