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SLAR SL bulk floor

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Glims S LEVEL bulk floor – self -leveling mixture sold in dry form. In order to prepare it for use, it is necessary to dilute with water at the rate of 0, 3 l per 1 kg of dry matter. The screed obtained as a result of using S LEL has a perfectly flat, not requiring grinding, surface.

Such a gender is resistant to temperatures in the range from -50 to +70 ° C, is completely ready for cladding with tiles, carpets, linoleum or carpet, design of the parquet board (laminate). Work on leveling the surface using Glims S Level requires a little time and can be carried out on top of the “warm floor” system.

The Glims S LEVEL bulk floor is mounted according to a solid low -sleeping pure and low -fat base, covered with a primed mixture. Priming is necessary in order to increase the adhesion of the solution and reduce water absorption. The solution should be prepared using warm (but not hot) water.

The container for the preparation of the solution, the stirring and application tool should not be contaminated with the remains of the dried mixture. In the process of filling the floor, it is necessary to protect it from direct sunlight and drafts (before the surface harden, at least a day). At the same time, it is necessary to turn off the heating system of the floors.

The confusion of the mixture occurs in this way: a dry substance is poured into the water and mixed. If the volume of the prepared solution is small (for example, for filling the floor in the bathroom or bathroom), then the solution can be stirred manually.

For a larger volume, the use of a mixer or drill with a special tip/nozzle is required. After a homogeneous dough -shaped mass is obtained, the solution leaves for three minutes, and then mix again. After such manipulations, you can fill the floor.

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