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Using air curtains on hot water

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Thermal water curtains: purpose, concept and installation

Air heat curtains directly with heating hot water or as they are also called thermal water curtains, hot water is used as a source of heat. The use of the alleged thermal water curtains, as a rule, is carried out in fairly large rooms with rather large doorways. It is there that most often additional heating is necessary without significant electric power costs.

Structurally air curtains on hot water are analogues of heating devices, but only instead of electric heaters are used water-row-row copper-aluminum heat exchangers. Thermal air curtains, in addition, are equipped with a fairly reinforced housing for direct compensation for increasing the mass of this device relative to the ZET series.

Water -type heat curtains can be installed in an upright position and in a horizontal position. This type of curtain can be controlled by a remote circuit breaker.

The thermal curtains of the water type of model T series T are quite successfully used at the entrances directly to the stores, as well as on other objects, which, as a rule, most of the time remain open. Thermal curtains of the most powerful models of the X series directly along the heat flow per unit length are used in production type, garages and other facilities of this class.

Thermal water curtains are much more economical in operation than electric heat curtains. But they need the constant presence of hot water.

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