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We select the right foundation for a wooden house

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Varieties and rules for choosing a foundation for a wooden house

The foundation is a support for everything that costs above, the entire load is investigated first of all on it. So, from how the foundation is made qualitatively, the durability of your house is directly determined.

A house of wood is considered to be light, and for such houses, not deep foundations from 0 should be used.1 to 0.6 meters. But these figures are approximate, since in a certain case you need to view – a relief, the bearing capacity of the earth, what number of storeys is planned, etc. D. So first you need to study the place that will be used for the future building. The foundation of a tape monolithic reinforced concrete structure is what is needed for a wooden house, but soils are also an important component. If the soil is motionless, then the material uses concrete or bricks or a soil chant for the material. But with sandy soils, it is a little more difficult to make a trench, the depth of which is from 40 to 60 cm, 20 cm each. We lay sand and each layer is moistened with water. Leaving the last 30 cm untouched., gravel, brick or gravel are laid on top.

If you are not planning for the future basement, then a column foundation may well be suitable for you. The columnar foundation is the pillars that are placed at a distance of a meter – one and a half, the pillars are placed on the corner and in all beyond loaded places. The material of the manufacture of these pillars is different is both brick and concrete, and t. D. This foundation is suitable for use on soils that do not make progress, and is the most economical look.

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