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Choosing a pattern and the color of glass wallpaper for the bathroom

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Of course, the general view and design of the bath can consist of different factors, but the wallpaper is most striking. They create the impression of the room. Therefore, choosing special wallpapers is a responsible and serious matter. Wallpaper can adjust the size of the room, hide the flaws, and also give the room a certain mood. Visually reduce the room of the bathroom of glass wallpaper with large patterns. The height of the ceiling increases the wallpaper with a vertical strip. And the horizontal pattern, on the contrary, reduces the height, but increases the space. Without a pattern, the wallpaper also increase the volume of the room. A bright and contrasting pattern is not suitable for the small size of the bathroom, and the use of wallpaper is recommended in a large bathroom. The smaller the room, the smaller the pattern should be and lighter the wallpaper. Saturated colors with large patterns are suitable for the bathroom more. Defects and bumps hide the pattern in the form of spots well. If the hall is located in the south side, then the wallpaper of cold tones, and warm, if in the northern. It is also important that the color of accessories in the bathroom is harmoniously combined with the color of the wallpaper.

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