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Siding for a log, stone, brick and other materials

by britainsnews

Why imitation is so popular? Everything is explained simply: expensive materials that we are used to calling “noble” look wonderful. However, in terms of properties, they are significantly inferior to siding panels-they lose their appearance faster, they are difficult to mount, they are poorly cleaned of dirt, etc. D.

And then manufacturers of siding panels came up with a compromise: to imitate. So there appeared siding under the log, siding for brick and siding under stone. Externally, the structure looks as if it were recently built, and it is difficult to distinguish “wood” from PVC from the real.


Important point: if you choose a siding under the log as facing material, the price of the facility cladding will increase not much! The fact is that such panels are mounted in the same way as ordinary. And the cost of the textured surface is very slightly higher than the cost of smooth. Thus, we get siding, which looks like a tree, but surpasses it in operational characteristics.

Siding under the log – in Novosibirsk this is a rather rare architectural solution. Firstly, many residents of our city and the region are still not sure of the frost resistance of this material. And in vain -today PVC panels are made using special additives that are designed for the cold up to -50 degrees. Secondly, some people seem to be an unusual idea of ​​imitation-this is somehow “not real”.

But take for an example any siding – under the Khaus block, under the brick – in a word, just choose the product from our catalog. Now compare its properties and characteristics with the material that it imitates. Well, what is more reliable and convenient?

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