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Bedroom repair tips

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Repair planning is always a difficult choice between capital and cosmetic repairs. Cosmetic repairs are much cheaper and easier in labor costs, and you can refuse to hire a repair specialist and do everything with your own hands. But only during major repairs it is possible to achieve a radical change in the image of the bedroom. Consider that during major repairs, only high -quality materials should be used, since only in this case can you get high -quality repairs, which will not have to be redone soon. This, of course, will require large financial investments now, but it will save them subsequently, and also save your nerves.

Most often, the overhaul consists of the following stages of work: – the stage of preparatory work: at this stage, the dismantling of all the old structures, coatings and furniture should be carried out, the laying of communications and electric wires, replace the doors, doorways and windows with new ones. – Black finish: Preparation of the surfaces of the floor, walls, ceiling for subsequent decoration, as well as install decorative elements and structures. – Stage of finishing: you should start painting ceilings, wallpaper pasting, painting walls, installing flooring and warm floor, install electrical appliances, finish decorating. You can purchase a warm floor at any stage of repairs, both at the beginning, when planning a future bedroom, and already in the process, for a specific type of flooring. If you plan to make a floor screed, you can purchase a core warm floor Unimat. If you make cosmetic repairs with the replacement of the flooring, we recommend that the film infrared floor Caleo. Even if your repair is already at the final stage, and the warm floor is not yet laid, it does not matter. Select the infrared thermal tunnel of Caleo – it is mounted in a couple of hours: it is enough to raise the finish coating, lay the film warm floor according to the instructions and return the decorative layer to place.

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