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Guides, starting, main profiles for drywall.

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The metal profile is used in the installation of sheet building materials (drywall, gypsum fiber, SML, etc.). So, special frames are made from it, to which wall panels are attached. The profile is of various pets used for different purposes

Types of profile

By purpose:


Guide (main);


By form:





According to the material:

Galvanized metal;

Aluminum (little common);

Plastic or PVC (even less common, since they are not able to withstand a large load).

Application and installation of profiles for GVL

Installation of frames begin from below, where the starting profile is attached (hence the name). Then the rack (vertical metal profiles that hold the load) are mounted). To them – guides. Actually the main profiles will be subsequently attached to GKL sheets.

Particular attention should be paid to arched (or bent). They are used to create non -standard interior openings, portals and windows.

Now about the form. T-shapes are usually used when organizing a frame of drywall ceiling. The plate subsequently falls on it, and the edges should withstand weight. Mr.-shaped, or corners, are used to attach GKL around the perimeter (next to the wall). P-shaped are the main structural elements. They are able to withstand the largest weight due to their design.

Self -tapping screws are usually used to attach drywall to the profile. The profiles themselves are fastened with self -tapping screws with the pressshab.


Standard lengths – 2750, 3000, 4000, 4500 and 6000 mm.

The section can be very different: from 40×50 to 40×100 in guides, from 50×50 to 50×100 for rack.

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