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Installation of shower angle with its own efforts

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Stage installation and connection of a shower corner

Little comparable to a refreshing shower after a long work day or before starting work. Today, one of the fashion trends has begun to mount showers in his apartment, although not everyone can compactly install it, so the majority uses a more compact alternative – a shower corner. To install a shower angle, you need shower curtains, a shower trash, side glass and beams, as well as a fastener and silicone sealant.

By the way, it is better to entrust the glazing of the P-44 loggia. Before starting work, it is necessary to measure the bathroom, this will allow you to determine the place for the corner. After processing surfaces, it is necessary to seal and equip the sewer. For these purposes, you can use metal or flexible pipes. After processing the floors with a high -quality sealant, the mounting unit is installed, and it is necessary to fasten the pallet to it. To install the beams in the wall, it is necessary to make holes in advance, since these beams are required for the correct installation of the corner. As beams, you can use small pipes that go from two walls and join at a certain angle. To prevent water drainage from the pallet, it is necessary to attach side glasses to it, and if there is no such possibility, then you can just hang the curtains.

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