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How to arrange a kitchen in a Japanese style: what to take into account

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Japanese style is very popular among people. He is undoubtedly concise and attractive. The color solutions of this interior are extremely natural – oches, beige, light, sand and pearl colors. A bright palette of flowers always irritates the eye, and for Japanese cuisine it is not permissible. The Japanese are very painstaking to their traditions, they always use folk symbols in their interiors – ikeban, divine figures, engraving, porcelain, etc. D.

The Japanese prefer low furniture made of light wood, because they know very well how bulky dark furniture can drown out the entire interior. The lunch time of the Japanese includes low tables, silk or linen pillows that replace ordinary chairs.

The storage system in the kitchen set should be roomy and comfortable. Most often, the Japanese use built -in technique and facades of stainless metals. As for household appliances, the Japanese use only their own production technique. The Japanese style differs in that the technology into the interior entered smoothly, and did not violate the natural harmony of nature. Japanese -style kitchens today are considered one of the popular kitchens in the world.

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