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Corrugation (metal hook).

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The corrugated pipe or corrugation is used when laying various types of cables in order to ensure additional protection of networks. Corpushes creates insulation and protection against mechanical damage for conductors; Its use also increases the fire safety of the network, especially when using wires without a double insulating layer. The corrugated pipe is made of polyvinyl chloride or polyamide composite. Sometimes corrugation is produced with steel wire inside (with a broach), which facilitates the tightening of the cable into the pipe. There are several types of corrugated protective membrane depending on the degree of its strength. The corrugation is also released from metal (metal -burning), it is characterized by increased strength and high fire safety.

The use of high -strength corrugation makes it possible to install the network when pouring concrete, as well as in the cement screed, which provides reliable anti -corrosion and mechanical protection of conductors.

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