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Doors with PVC film trim

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For a long time, only a few ways were used to finish interior and entrance doors – the most popular were painting and tightness of artificial skin. Modern technologies provide a much more extensive choice. The door structures, for the decoration of which synthetic materials were used, have many advantages: they are durable, resistant to damage, do not lose their appearance for a long time, and also have a fairly low cost.

One of the popular options today is PVC doors – a thin but dense film made of polyvinyl chloride is used to finish them. This material differs a number of positive operational qualities – the film is absolutely not toxic, not fire hazard, it is not photosensitive and has high resistance to moisture. Thus, PVC coated doors can be installed not only in the house or apartment, but also in offices or other rooms with high patency of people.

Plastic is very easy to process the material, so that the design of such doors can be any – from imitation of wooden phylene to an ultramodern design created according to an individual sketch. In the shape of the PVC door, both classic single -winged or double -leaf, and more complex. For example, for small apartments, you can choose multi -result folding doors made of polyvinyl chloride. Such doors will never occupy a place in the open state and do not hurt nearby furniture or appliances.

Polyvinyl chloride coloring technologies allow you to achieve any color shades, which is very appreciated by modern designers. In addition, the surface of the film is easily embedded, engraved and convenient for printing. Thanks to this, the PVC film can successfully simulate wood, metal, stone and any other natural finishing materials, and the difference can only be seen with the most careful consideration. PVC film can be brilliant or matte, perfectly smooth or embossed.  

Doors, the external sides of which are trimmed with a PVC film, do not need any special care-to maintain their ideal appearance, it is enough to wipe them once every 1-2 weeks with conventional detergents or polishing means. In case of damage, such as scratches, the surface is easy to restore.

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