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Wooden double -glazed windows: materials and manufacturing techniques

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Design features and the main advantages of wooden double -glazed windows

For a long time, manufacturers of plastic double -glazed windows convince us that there is no other material for the window. Therefore, not everyone knows that the highest quality and most expensive of the double-glazed windows still remains a double-glazed window made of wood.

For its production, not all wood is used, which is subjected to impregnation with special compounds to prevent decay, deformation, and tight violations.

Glass in wooden double -glazed windows is also used differently, while it is wooden double -glazed windows that do not give the effect of unpleasant odor when direct sunlight falls on them and maintain strength and tightness for much longer.

The high cost of wooden double -glazed windows is explained by the high cost of the most varieties of wood that are suitable for their manufacture and the need for the highest quality and accuracy of the assembly.

There are several varieties of a wooden double -glazed window, each of which is characterized by the use of a very small number of types of wood, which imposes very stringent quality requirements.

The installation of wooden double -glazed windows is noticeably more expensive than plastic.

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