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The importance of the device of the outer staircase for the country house

by britainsnews

Varieties and rules for the construction of external stairs in a private house

For a suburban house, an important element of decor, interior and simply the necessary element is the outer staircase. It is especially relevant if the territory adjacent to the house has a significant difference in heights. It can serve to enter the house as the main function, as well as for the connection between the floors of the structure, and the possible evacuation in a fire or some other emergency. If you divide the outer stairs by type, then they are distinguished depending on what shape is in the site. It can be square, rectangular, semicircular and curved.

You can also divide the stairs regarding how they are located relative to the facade. In this case, they can be frontal, specialized and frontal-profile. By the way, it is simply necessary to buy car seats according to current laws. It is completely natural that any staircase should fit into the overall architectural plan of the house and design. And in the first place should always be security, especially if it leads to the second floor and above. But for the first floor, the safety problem is equally relevant. It is necessary to carefully select the material so that the steps, for example, are not slippery after rain. They must have a rough surface.

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