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Home heating gas boilers: wall and floor, single -circuit and double -circuit

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Gas heating boilers usually work on trunk gas, although there are models with the ability to connect to liquefied gas cylinders. There are a significant number of different modifications of gas boilers depending on different parameters.

By the need for connecting to an electric network:

Energy -dependent;

Power -dependent.

Many gas boilers to maintain operation of automation need electricity. These are energy -dependent boilers, it is difficult to operate where constant interruptions in electricity. Will have to install additional current generators or other reserve power sources. Energy -dependent boilers do not have electrical systems at all, so special heating systems are required for their operation, the so -called “gravity”. Such systems are quite bulky, inconvenient and sometimes require significant efforts to launch. But where frequent power outages are possible, they are indispensable.

Depending on the method of removal of combustion products:

With natural traction (atmospheric);

With forced traction (turbo, coaxial chimney).

Boilers with forced traction do not require a flow of fresh air to maintain combustion, do not burn oxygen from the room and can save on installation. The fact is that the coaxial chimney used is a pipe in the pipe, where combustion products are output on the inner pipe, and air enters the burner to the external pipe.

According to the functions performed, gas boilers are:

Single -circuit (only heating);

Double -circuit (heating and hot water supply, with a broiler or running).

According to the room placement:

Wall (more popular);

Floor (more powerful).

Wall boilers have more compact dimensions, good design and, as a rule, require annual maintenance. Floor boilers have higher power, large sizes, and allow more rare maintenance.

By energy efficiency:

Convection (traditional)


Condensation gas boilers use heat, which is released both when gas combustion and with steam condensation (from combustion products). In traditional boilers, these couples are displayed into the chimney. This principle of action makes fuel consumption as economical as possible. Often they write on such equipment that the efficiency is 105-109%, this is not a mistake of T. To. The standards of calculation of efficiency for boilers do not provide for the heat of the heat received from condensate. Another significant advantage of equipment of this type is its environmental friendliness. The most suitable options for using condensation gas boilers are heating of small premises and the equipment of the “warm floor”

The most popular are gas boilers of the following manufacturers:








Also, heating boilers are divided by power, in the general case, it is taken at the rate of 1 kW at 10m 2 heated area.

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