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DSP – wood -stamped materials

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DSP (wood-bruise) is a sheet wood material,

widely used in modern construction, repair and during internal finishing work.

DSP of large chips and other waste industry waste glued under the press with

by the addition of functional compounds to give the necessary quality and technical

characteristics. In the modern building materials market, chipboard is represented by standard, moisture resistant (VDSP) and

laminated (chipboard) brands of wood-based plates.

Chipboard in modern construction and repair

In the construction and repair of chipboard is in high demand – construction organizations are actively

Apply plates of this material to solve a wide range of problems. Depending on what specific goals

Personed the planned repair and decoration of a particular room, as facing material

the desired type of chipboard can be chosen, optimally suitable in each case. Also wood-bruise

The plate is used in creating interior design and in furniture production.

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