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In recent years, the technology of dry mixtures very tightly filled the building materials market. No wonder. Indeed, thanks to their appearance, the quality of work has increased several times unnecessarily in a large number of specialists.

As it was before? In the Soviet Union, a grsovka was a favorite mixture consisting of lime and sand. Sand and lime was delivered by trucks directly to the construction, and the calculation of the ratio was carried out, as a rule, at the level of the shovel. Of course, such mixtures did not differ in quality and durability. But then there was no goal to do for a long time, there was a task to do quickly.

Today everything is completely different. At current real estate prices, it makes sense to build it for centuries. And here is the appearance of dry building mixtures as never before. They are made at specialized factories with specialized equipment. Each manufacturer has a quality certificate, a guarantee and, in the end, a reputation. This solves many problems in one fell swoop and opens the widest horizons in construction technologies. As soon as glue for tiles appeared, the number of masters on the tile increased several times. As soon as dry building mixtures appeared, the performance has grown hundreds of times. Each mixture implies a certain specialization for a very specific task. Thus, the construction company expands the range of activities without acquiring a huge number of qualified personnel to mix solutions. Simply add water.

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