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Repair of wooden windows

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Before talking about wooden windows, about their repair, it is worth considering the appropriateness of such events. If we are talking about repairing windows from wood in dachas.

In the first case, you need to submit a work plan. As for the repair of wooden ones, this directly applies to painting, putty, correcting distortions and backlash of frames, repair of accessories. According to estimates for average windows, the cost of such restorations, if it is considered from the most modest side, will be expensive.

Also, the time of work, which will go for repairs, will be about four days. This includes work on putty, painting and other works. In addition, without special power tools, the complexity of work will increase. And if you still take into account by -products: dust, different garbage and extraneous smells, then the joy of upcoming events will not be at all.

There is a simpler way with which you can repair wooden windows, this will turn to good specialists. Specialists will be able to repair well and quickly enough, but the cost of work will be slightly higher. It will be comparable to the installation of plastic windows. Therefore, before you think about how to repair old wooden windows, you should check your small economic calculations. This will show whether it is possible to start such a repair or not.

If it turned out that the repair of wooden windows will be more appropriate than the installation of windows of 1PV wooden windows, then the main problems should be considered, which are often found. As a rule, there are three main problems. The first this wooden windows do not have such tightness as plastic ones, from cracks it can be treated with cold, water can leak when it is raining. The second problem of wooden windows is that such products will be more difficult to close when a certain time passes. The third problem will be peeling of paint, jamming of locks on the windows.

But the above nuances may not be too large, and the window will require normal repairs, not a major. And this is just a restoration or just painting.

For complete repair work, first of all, you need to correctly disassemble the window:

carefully remove the frame;

dismantle glasses and fittings. This applies to loops, pens, castles;

You need to take the glass carefully so as not to spoil the glass, glazer or frame.

You need to purchase new stacks in advance, their price is small. Next, you should remove the old paint and its traces. This must be done for sure. Next, it is necessary to replace damaged elements and install in the reverse order.

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