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Plaster for walls, ceilings and facades

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Plaster is a finishing material designed to align the walls before applying the finish coating or used as such a coating. Are in the form of a dry plaster mixture, finished plaster or in the form of dry sheets.

Types of plastering by purpose:

Ordinary – used to align the walls;

Special – used for isolation or shielding (sound -absorbing, heat -saving, radiological protection, etc.);

Decorative – finish wall covering, usually facade. There are several subspecies of decorative plaster:

Venetian acrylic;



Liquid wallpaper;


Types of plaster in composition:

Lime – low strength, but convenience and speed of use. Consists of lime and sand, cement can be added. Only for internal work;

Cement – for internal and outdoor works. At its core-a cement-sand mixture with a slight addition of lime (for plasticity). Durable;

Gypsum – allows you to get a flat plastering coating of white color, so it can be used for painting or gluing wallpaper. For internal work. Low strength and moisture resistance;

Magnesial – for internal work. High -strength, non -drunk and non -combustible plaster composition. Applied for painting and wrapping wallpaper.

Special types of plaster mixtures

Enhanced – has increased strength;

Silicone – decorative plaster, rough or scratched structure;

Medium and coarse-grained- unlike fine-grained, used as decorative plaster;

Elastic – easy to use, convenient in application;

White – a mixture with a large amount of gypsum, finish coating;

Baritovaya – X -ray protection plaster.

The use of plaster

The mixture is used to align walls, ceilings and facades of houses. Can be applied to concrete, wood, brick, drywall and other materials. Fireproof plaster is suitable for stoves finish.

When applying plaster in order to achieve even surfaces, use special beacons that are nailed to the wall. This allows you to make a layer of uniform thickness throughout the processed area.

In some cases, special metal nets are used to reinforce walls.

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