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Internet cable. Television cable SAT

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To create telephone lines, telephone cables with continuous polyethylene insulation of cores are used, filmed with a tape made of alumopolyethylene, with an external protective shell made of polyethylene. The insulation provides sufficient cable flexibility, which makes it possible to mount the networks in the channels, mines, through the walls and in the suspended communication lines. Used in networks with a variable voltage of 145 or 225 in. We offer to buy a telephone cable 2 and 4 residential.

Coaxial cables of 75 ohms and providing reliable transmission without loss of signal quality are used to transmit video signal. Such cables consist of a central conductor made of copper, protected by a dielectric, on top of which laminated foil and copper braid are placed. External insulation is made of PVC plasticity or polyethylene. TV cables are very durable and withstand shock and vibration loads. Our store offers to buy a television cable of Italian and Chinese.

When creating Internet networks, a coaxial (television) cable is used, as well as a “twisted pair” cable, representing a design consisting of several pairs of merchants in a plastic insulation among themselves. Twisting conductors reduces external electromagnetic interference. Switching is carried out with a different step of the turns, which reduces the rapprochement of individual cable couples. From us you can buy a ftp and UTP cable for the equipment of Internet networks.

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