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Plywood 15 mm moisture resistant

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Moisture -resistant plywood 1. 5×1. 5 – 15 mm – one of the best materials for lining the floors under linoleum, laminated board, carpet. Having the ability to extinguish mechanical and sound vibrations, a laminated moisture -resistant plywood makes the floors “silent”. Linoleum and carpet on such a substrate are protected from creases, and the parquet board will not vibrate and bend, erasing the castle connection between the individual elements of the set -bottomed floor. When installed on a concrete screed, moisture -resistant plywood of 15 mm protects decorative coatings from condensate. However, so that the plywood itself does not rot, it is necessary that the concrete screed is “old”, that is, acquires sufficient strength and lost excessive moisture. Laminated moisture -resistant plywood is carried out by gluing an odd number of sheets of coniferous or deciduous veneer. This material can be combined, but in this case, veneered deciduous rocks will still be located on the outside, since their strength is higher. The quality of plywood laminated moisture -resistant is indicated by numbers – the higher the number, the worse the properties. So for example, plywood plywood (varieties) – high -quality, solid material from expensive wood without flaws. In the second grade, the sheets of veneer are made of ordinary trees. The third variety may have defects that are insignificant in order to seriously worsen the physical properties of the sheet, but at the same time spoiling the appearance. Moisture -resistant plywood 15 mm firing with epoxy compounds and other hydrophobizing mixtures. This is how the ability of the material to resist high humidity in the air is acquired. However, it is not recommended to use such a plywood outside the walls of the building, since it does not have sufficient frost resistance.

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