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Ball cranes

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Of all the elements in the pipeline locking reinforcement, the ball crane is perhaps the most common. It is used both in domestic conditions and in industrial. A wide area of ​​application led to a wide variety of ball valves. They are all sizes and modifications. The engineering solution of the ball crane is far from new, it is more than a hundred years old, but the genius of this invention has been proved to this day. They not only do not think to refuse him, but also find more and more use in all kinds of pipelines. After all, it is used not only as an overlapping, but also as a regulatory device.

The tap device is very simple. The main locking mobile element is a spherical cork with a through hole in the middle. In the most common model (flange crane), it is enough to turn the handle 90 degrees. The cork also rotates to a right angle, which provides a complete overlap of liquid or gas. In some cases when it is necessary to smooth the handle must turn the 180, 360 or more degrees until the supply is completely overlap.

What are the main advantages of the ball crane? This is constructive simplicity, high tightness, reliability and durability, ease of operation, small time spent on operations.

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