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The technology of insulation of the foundation

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Home owners often encounter troubles that are associated with the deformation of the foundation, distortions, cracks in the walls that appear as a result of frosty heaving. Most soils contain clay and loams, which are strongly exposed to severe frost.

These components perfectly absorb moisture, which increases in volume after freezing, therefore, the soil, which is under the foundation of the building. As a result, the foundation is pushed out of the soil.

That is why many owners of suburban sites before building a house insulate the foundation.   The technology of insulation of the foundation is not complicated if you adhere to a phased instruction. It is traditionally customary to install a sand pillow under the foundation, the thickness of which will be at least ten centimeters. For reverse backfill, it is recommended to use sand. Using these measures, the above problem will be partially eliminated, you can fully correct the situation only by insulation of the foundation around the perimeter.

The technology of insulation of the foundation implies the following stages:

1. Pour the twenty centimeter layer of sand to the bottom of a half -meter seizure dug around the perimeter of the building.

2. Put the plates of extruded polystyrene foam plate on pre -tamped sand. The width of the material for thermal insulation should be at least half a meter.

3. Pour the heat -insulating material on top with sand with a thickness of at least thirty centimeters. In the angles area, the thickness of the layers of sand and the heat -insulating material should be larger.

Thanks to the perimeter insulation of the zone, which adjoins the foundation, you can protect the walls from freezing and reduce heat loss. Such a technology can also be applied in the process of insulation of the basement.

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