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The main characteristic and properties of bulk 3D floors

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Invaline 3D floors: advantages, description and methods of filling

3D bulk floors are not only an element of decor or its picture, it is a whole project that can completely change the idea of ​​all floor coverings in general, since their surface is a full -fledged image in 3D format, various shades and with all textures. This coating is not only beautiful, but also as strong and durable as possible. Surely even the developers of this technology could not imagine how in demand and interesting their ideas would be. If the installation of bulk floors is done correctly, then their service life will be more than a dozen years. Their color, smoothness and shine will not spoil for a long time. Also, so that you do not put at least heavy furniture on them, or interior elements in the form of statues, neither dirt, nor female studs, nor can they violate their integrity.

The structure of bulk floors is similar to stone coatings, so they do not represent any harm to human health, they do not distinguish any smell, there is no evaporation. It is very easy to care for bulk floors, it is only wet and dry cleaning, it takes little time, since there are no pores, gaps and cracks, this allows them to be immune to dust, chemicals and water. These floors can even be treated with chlorine and means with the content of abrasive particles, it will withstand everything.

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