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Features of glazing balconies in Khrushchevs

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The signing of two decisions of the Central Committee of the CPSU in 1956 served as the beginning of a new era in the history of mass housing construction. The apartments that our fellow citizens received at that time are to this day are called “Khrushchevs”, they are distinguished by low ceilings, a small area of ​​rooms, and even smaller – kitchens and the hallway.

The bathroom and toilet united into one whole, and the meager total area was compensated by the presence of all kinds of built -in cabinets, niches and pantries that aimed at compensation for the missing space. It was believed that an acute housing shortage in the country is a temporary phenomenon, and therefore such uncomfortable dwellings were also considered temporary. However, it was so opened in our country that everything temporary acquires the status of at least long -term, or even constant.

Balconies in Khrushchev are quite complex objects. They are characterized by a very small area, deterioration of structures and the presence of fragile fences. In those days, concrete of low quality was used for construction, and therefore, under the influence of time and negative natural factors, most balcony plates began to collapse. Before installing quite heavy PVC structures on such balconies, especially windows with triple glazing, the balcony should be strengthened by the method of reinforcing the plates around the perimeter with metal corners.

Features of construction

Since heavy structures on such balconies are, in principle, are unacceptable, it is best to use aluminum window profiles in this case. As a rule, when glazing a balcony in Khrushchevka, instead of old iron railing, a new plastic frame is performed along the floor height or a new parapet of foam blocks is built.

Today, during the rapid development of the latest technologies, including in the field of construction, the price is quite democratic for glazing a balcony in Khrushchev, and therefore have a beautiful, cozy and warm balcony in their home, even low -income families. Since the balconies in Khrushchevs are very narrow, ideal – to install a sliding system here, which, thanks to traveled, and not open -winging, does not occupy unnecessary space, making it possible to use the balcony with greater efficiency. Aluminum profiles provide excellent thermal protection of the room, they are sealed, do not let drafts and wind pass. Warmth and comfort to your home!

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