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It is possible and necessary to make a roof at home from reeds

by britainsnews

There is an opinion that the roof from reeds is outdated. And samples of buildings with this type of roof can currently be seen only in open -air museums.

But statistics are stubborn. Increasingly, this roof is used by owners of individual sections as an original element of the decor of small buildings. The necessary conditions for arranging a roof from reeds:

• Effective drainage drainage stack is carried out with a roof slope with an angle of at least 45 °.• The geometric shape of the roof is as simplified as possible.• French drainage best solution for water drainage.• It is planned to install a gutter at a level with an overhang.• To extend the service life, tiles, copper, and wood are added to the main composition of the roof. The main advantages of the roof using reeds include the preservation of stable temperature, regardless of the time of year. So it is warm under it in winter, and in the summer protection against overheating. Another feature of this type of roof is the exclusion of the need for active ventilation of the attic provided for in traditional roofing versions. Also, you do not need to insulate such a roof, since in terms of thermal insulation, the reeds are equal to the heater layer of 100 mm thick.

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