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Nowadays, gas boilers are one of the most common ways to heating residential premises. This can be explained by the economical consumption of resources, automated work, small dimensions of the units and aesthetic appearance, fitting into the design of any room.

Gas boilers can consist of one or two contours. The boiler should be chosen from the needs and configuration of the apartment. Single -circuit boilers provide only the heating of the apartment. If you live in an apartment with hot water supply, or you have a boiler or gas column, that is, it makes sense to purchase a single -circuit boiler. If you need heating and heating of water, then the most economical solution would be the acquisition of a double -circuit boiler. Wall gas double -circuit boiler is the most common solution in cottages and apartments. This is small (by the standards of heating boilers), but capable of providing a temperature climate throughout the house and warm water for use.

The main parameter when choosing a boiler is its power. If you do not know how much it is needed for your premises, then it is better to consult a specialist in advance. The boilers are good for their small (compared to floor) weight and ease of installation. Also pleases economical use. After all, natural gas is a fairly cheap resource.

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