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LED lamp in the interior: History of creation and dignity

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The main advantages of installation of LED lighting in the apartment

More recently, we have witnessed violent discussions regarding energy -saving fluorescent lamps as an alternative light source in contrast to ordinary incandescent lamps, and another invention is immediately declared ourselves – an LED light source. Invented in the last century, LED lamps have long established themselves as a powerful element for independent use. Back in 1985, their manufacturers were able to boast of an increase in light flow to 10 lm.

By the end of the 1990s, their power exceeded 30 lm/W, it was at this time that LED lamps were able to compose equal competition to incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. The advantages of LEDs compared to other energy sources are undeniable. The service life of the LED lamp is up to fifty thousand hours. It is easy to calculate that when using a lamp within five hours a day, it should last thirty years. LED lamps are distinguished by impact resistance and vibration resistance, do not contain naturally dangerous substances, flickering is excluded during operation, the body is protected from infrared and ultraviolet radiation, they are absolutely harmless to the eyes.

The design of LED lamps involves a wide range of operating voltage, which is 80-230 W. The most important advantage when using this type of light source is efficiency – with a 8V power consumption, the LED lamp provides light returns, an equivalent incandescent lamp with a capacity of 75W. The disadvantages of LED lamps today include only the price, and this is the main obstacle to their rapid implementation in everyday life.

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