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The primer of the UrF is a homogeneous mass consisting of fillers and pigments with the addition of a sequcase. As a result of such a combination of substances, this type of LKP has several advantages over other more traditional alkyd materials, such as GF-021 or PF-115. The scope of the primer of the URF is quite extensive. This is due to the fact that alkyd-uretan materials are more acceptable in the modern construction industry than pentafal materials. It should also be noted that thanks to the specific properties of the primer, it became possible to use it under various climatic and atmospheric conditions and achieve a low application of application (about 130 micrometers). Such properties are undoubtedly leading among other products of the paint and varnish industry of one category. Therefore, the primer of the UrF is used to stain metal structures and for painting products of machinery and instrument-making equipment (during the construction of passenger wagons- GOST 12549-80). Apply a primer with airless spray, less often a roller or brush, since the consumption increases significantly.

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