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How to care for stretch ceilings

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By making repairs in an apartment or residential building, the most important task is to buy building materials. And especially concerns precisely the ceiling coating, which needs to be paid special attention. There are a lot of them today. And when choosing, there is no need to make mistakes, for this you need to consult with specialists.

Before choosing ceiling coatings, buyers are interested in the care and durability of this material. One of these coverage options is a stretch ceiling. It is easy to operate and care. This coating also does not require special difficulty and some manufacturers claim that such ceilings will last 20 years. And if you care for them correctly, they will last even longer.

There are no certain conditions of use for stretch ceilings. They are well suited and used in apartments and residential buildings. The optimum temperature for the operation of such materials should be about 0 ° and higher, but in no case no lower. Also, the limit of 50 ° should not exceed. It is unlikely that the temperature will go beyond these frames in residential premises.

Harming will not be dangerous for such a coating, because stretch ceilings are made of such material that repels moisture. And does not condenses evaporation, which means that in a room with high humidity these ceilings will not deteriorate.

If a spot appeared on such a material, then you can get rid of it, just get rid of it: take a wet rag or sponge and wipe it.

If the ceiling has lost its shine, then this can be fixed with a dry cloth.

The gloss of the ceiling will help to strengthen ammonia 10%.

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