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Casting to Kokil

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Various types of metal processing are used for the manufacture of small and large parts of machines and mechanisms. For the production of technological equipment, they use among other methods and cokillo casting. This method of casting differs from casting under pressure and centrifugal casting in that the filling of a cokil (metallic shape) with liquid alloy, as well as hardening of the alloy in the cockal, occur under the influence of gravity.

Casting casting technology allows you to get sealed castings with a fine-grained structure, such castings have excellent physical and mechanical properties. Cokillo casting is used for processing steel, cast iron, aluminum, magnesium and other metals. The most effective is the casting of magnesium and aluminum alloys, as well as alloy of other non -ferrous metals, the melting temperature of which is quite low.

In many industries in recent years, there has been a tendency to replace parts from ferrous metals with details of aluminum alloys. Mostly aluminum is used in car construction, shipbuilding, aviation industry, construction, electrical engineering, manufacturing of metal structures for various purposes, as well as in the manufacture of packaging elements. Aluminum alloys combine high specific strength and high thermal conductivity with low density.

Magnesium, zinc, silicon, manganese, nickel, titanium and some other metals are used as alloying elements in aluminum alloy. Depending on the number of alloying elements, deformable and foundry are obtained. Foundry alloys are poorly deformed, so the details and products of their alloys are made only by casting.

The alloying elements in deformable alloys are contained in an amount of no more than eight percent, while casting alloys contain up to 15% of alloying elements. Deformable alloys are more plastic, since they have fewer impurities. For the manufacture of parts of some aluminum alloys, heat treatment is not required. So, for example, in a cold state, aluminum allocation with manganese, as well as a low alloy aluminum alloy with magnesium, is easily deformed.

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