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Stove heating

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It is advisable to use stove heating of a country house when there is inexpensive biofuel, there is no way to build a system of water boilers and radiators, the furnace will be used to cook food to animals.

The traditional stone furnace has high heat capacity, is quite simple to manufacture and does not require scarce materials for this. A significant drawback is high fire hazard and the need for constant control over the presence of fuel. In addition, a large amount of heat is consumed in vain if you do not take special measures for the forced movement of the warm and air from the furnace to remote rooms.

To increase the heat transfer in the body of the furnace, special air channels of the calorifier are laid out. Cold air from the floor, passing through these channels, heats up, increasing the temperature of the room. When using a simple ventilation system, you can heat the entire room evenly.

If the furnace is supposed to be prepared for animals, preference should be given to a kitchen slabs with a hotel box, if there is a large farm, then, perhaps, pellet boilers will be needed.

Estimated dimensions of the furnace: height 770 mm, width 1150 mm, depth 640 mm. For a furnace device, you need: brick 185 pcs, clay 4 buckets, sand 2 3 buckets, furnace devices, a hotel box in size 350*150*450 mm. Estimated mass of the furnace 750 kg. Smoke can be diverted using not only stone, but also a lightweight metal pipe. In farm buildings for the minimum subsidiary farm, the installation of such a furnace is inappropriate. When maintaining a limited or developed subsidiary farm, the furnace can be installed both in a special room and in an animal room, in a fenced off compartment.

If the cooking for animals is not provided, the most effective will be heated by the Kallerian of the Bullerian of Canadian production. The calorifer is a metal heater, in the body of which air ducts, simplicity and reliability of the structure are mounted, a wide range of sizes, unpretentiousness and small fuel consumption allow the use of the caloriece both in small and large economic buildings.

When filling the firebox, the time of continuous operation is 8 12 hours. The fuel can be used: wood, wood waste, cardboard, peat briquettes, brown coal, etc. D. Moreover, grinding of wood is based on specific needs.

When using the economizer of the efficiency of the furnace, it increases by 5 percent due to the additional heat of the gas flowing through the chimney. In this case, the chimney is almost completely cooled.

When using additional air ducts with adjustable sashs, you can dose the amount of warm air in different rooms if necessary.

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