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How to calculate the required number of wallpaper rolls on the room

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Any owner, when the period comes to carry out repairs in the living space, thinks not only about what kind of wallpaper coloring to choose, but also how many rolls to purchase.

We will not talk about the wallpaper of liquid or decorative plaster. The packaging with dry mixtures shows information about their consumption for 1 m2. We will talk about the wallpaper, which are sold by rolls, and check how to calculate the trellises on the living area.

What you need to know when purchasing wallpaper

Sleepers should acquire a single party number. If during the repair of the living space it reveals that there are not enough wallpaper, then it will be problematic to purchase analgic. Even like similar trellises, but from various parties, they will have certain differences, because when printing various parties will be true and small, but noticeable variations of the shade. If this can not be seen in the store, then after they are glued to the wall, such a difference will throw in the eyes. In advance, you should measure the indicators of the room – length, width and height. Plus, the height is measured from floor to ceiling (and not to the skirting board), and to the resulting value there is added to a minimum of 10 cm. It must be borne in mind that during the pasting of the walls with trellows it will be necessary to level stripes (adjust the image). And this is their inevitable shift up – down. Hence the recommended “reserve” in length.

Calculation of wallpaper

In order to calculate the right number of rolls, it is necessary to divide the amount of the width and length of the room (multiplied by 2) by the width selected for the purchase of the roll. Rounding, of course, in a greater way.

If there are niches, alcoves in the living room. P., then the number of rolls should be increased if we proceed from the geometry of the listed places. It is necessary to take into account the fact that when pasting the angles of the room, trellises are laid over. And this is an additional “Meter”.

Calculation of the number of wallpaper rolls

You need to look at the edge of the wallpaper, its width. After all, when preparing stripes, it will need to be cut, and these are “shortcomings” to the width of the strip.

Under any circumstances, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room. If for a small or averaged size of the room there is enough and one-2 rolls “just in case”, then for a huge one, it may well be better to take three to four. It is also recommended to make a supply more if trellises with a large image are selected. Indeed, in this version, when aligning the neighboring strips of shifts, shear can be significant.

Auxiliary roll (rolls) will be required under any circumstances, and therefore it is not necessary to save much, hoping everything up to a millimeter. After all, the fastest, somewhere with some period, you will have to glue a new piece. Do not forget that some of the wallpaper will go to the design of doorways, places under the windowsill, etc. D.

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