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What isolation to choose for laying laminate

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Noise insulation plays an important role in laying laminate. In cases where it was put directly on concrete, then a loud noise will be published when walking, and in places where there is a large distance between the floor and concrete, it will knock. Therefore, in order to remove the noise and make the surface even, a substrate is placed under the laying of the laminate, for example, foamed polyethylene, about 2 mm thick thick. The main thing is not to make the substrate too thick, in two or more additions, it has the ability to compress and as a result, a large distance from the floor to the laminate is obtained, this can lead to a very quick floor repair.

A large number of various materials can be used as a substrate: synthetic winterizer roll, cork substrate, woolen felt cardboard, insulating slabs, a synthetic winterizer with a metal film. Each type of isolation has its own certain properties and purpose, some remove noise, other knocks. There are also now specially developed, so -called professional substrates that the creators of the laminate offer.

There are firms that create a laminate with an already glued substrate that have enhanced soundproofing properties.

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