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The concept of aerated concrete and area of ​​application in construction

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Characteristics and methods of manufacturing aerated concrete blocks

The composition of aerated concrete is a mixture of water, sand, cement of lime and gaseous substances. Thanks to this, aerated concrete has lightweight and good thermal insulation. Characterized as structural-heat-insulating material. The light weight of aerated concrete makes it possible to reduce the thickness and mass of the walls, thanks to this, the construction of the object is laid in the shortest possible time and thereby reduces the cost. Aerated concrete has a unique property of adjusting air humidity, with high humidity it collects it, with low humidity, on the contrary, gives it.

Cellular concrete is the same aerated concrete obtained by autoclave hardening. Has long been in demand in the Russian construction market, therefore it is considered a proven and reliable building material. It is used in the construction of facilities for the construction of load -bearing walls, insulation, manufacture of floors. In the production of a block of cellular concrete, modern equipment and universal technologies are used, which allows each unit to give an accurate geometric shape, high density and strength. The most important advantages of aerated concrete, aerated concrete blocks, cellular concrete resistance to external influences, atmospheric precipitation, are not afraid of mold and fungus.

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