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Bathroom repair

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Most people may agree that it is the room of the bathroom should be very comfortable and comfortable. It is in the bathroom that a person will more often look for a little solitude or peace. And importantly, the fact that a variety of desktop accessories plays an important role in the bathroom.

A variety of types of accessories, such as cups, soapses, shelves give the room longer than comfort and practicality. With the help of accessories, heat and comfort are created. The functionality of the room depends on their correct selection.

A very important place in the functionality of the room will play a warm floor. The correct heat transfer of the room depends on the quality of installation.

The installation systems of warm floors are divided into two types: water and electric. Each of these types has its own characteristics. But there are drawbacks.

But the most popular systems are warm floors. The main elements of electric warm floors are cables, on which quality indicators will depend in many respects. The principles of operation of warm sex systems are similar to the one that has household appliances.

The action of electric energy is that the current acts on heating elements turns into thermal energy. Electricity, when it passes through the wires, heats it, increasing the temperature. Then the heat is transmitted to the floor concrete screed.

When installing a warm floor system, only special cables can be used. The internal veins of such cables are made of material as: nichrome, brass and galvanized steel. The insulation of such decoration in the bathroom 2 is recommended by rubber or PVC. When the system is well mounted, the system will not heat up above 85 degrees. Additional insulation protection is a steel screen or aluminum foil. The screen will serve not only as an element of isolation, but also as a system of lowering electromagnetic radiation. After the wiring cable reaches, the elements of the protective screen and the sensor should be installed. The sensors are placed by the corrugation. The system is poured with concrete, making a small screed.

The warm floor system, the heating element is a pipe with warm water, differs from the electric heat source. There the floor heats the spiral, and in the second case, ordinary pipes that are made of polypropylene. Hot water is coming on them. This type of pipes is also installed under the screed. To reduce heat loss from below heating pipes, a special material is installed – insulation. But, before pouring a concrete screed, you must accurately make sure that the correct installation, which has a geometric shape.

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