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Use of drywall structures for leveling walls

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Methods of aligning surfaces using drywall sheets

This material discusses the main pros and cons when using drywall as a black finishing material. Well, now in order.

It is recommended to use the installation of drywall if:

It is necessary to level the surface of the walls and ceilings in the shortest possible time. There is no need to wait until the material dries, work can go continuously and without temporary delays, which cannot be said about plastering work.

If the room is cold (0 degrees or below) and the finish must be done now. But in any case, further work will require the relevant temperature requirements.

It is necessary to warm the room inside. It is very convenient, since the insulation is laid directly in the crate, and a drywall sheet is screwed on top.

When deviations (uneven) of the surface exceeds 15 cm. It is economically profitable to install drywall. He will perfectly hide the irregularities and remove the wall or ceiling “to zero”.

It is not recommended to use the installation of drywall if:

High humidity and damp room. Although there is a moisture -resistant drywall, its possibilities are not unlimited. Assessed in place.

When the requirements for mechanical strength occur in this case. The plasterboard sheet is easily broken from the impact of medium force. Plus everything plays an important role in the bar of the crate.

All of the above will allow you to understand the overall picture, t. e. when it is better to use drywall to level walls, ceiling.

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