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The advantages of slate for the roof and its laying

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Roof finish with slate: advantages and mounting rules

Modern construction uses many roofing materials, but the slate in this list occupies one of the leading places to use roofs in laying. Manufacturers make slate of different lengths and width of the sheet, with a variety of the number of waves. Used for roofs and flat slate. The advantages of slate: durability; noise insulation; strength; At high ambient temperatures, it almost does not heat up; non -combustibility; low cost.

Speaker laying is not difficult to do, and this can be done yourself without resorting to the help of professional specialists. When carrying out such work, the roof is initially placed on the roof by steaming and insulation. Then, on top, the slate is laid. Before installing slate sheets, carefully inspect each of them for chips, cracks. Also measure the length and width of the sheet to calculate how much slate you need to cover the entire perimeter of the roof. The excess from the sheet is easily cut off with a hacksaw on wood. The slate is laid from the bottom up. At the same time, each sheet is attached to the crate of the roof in the crest of the wave. Fixing elements can be special nails on slate or screws, holes under which you need to drill in advance. Sheets are overlapped in the following ways: when the edges of the sheets are displaced in each row and with the displacement of the edges of the material per wave. If the roof has a large slope angle, then the material needs more. And it is important: it is advisable to use slate material only if the design of the roof is simple

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