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Previously, when only incandescent lamps were on sale, no one wondered like: what lamps to purchase. Today, thanks to the variegated variety of lighting technology, you involuntarily be puzzled in the choice. The most common lamps today are: incandescent lamps, daylight, economical, all kinds of varieties of halogen lamps and LEDs.

But despite the diversity in the world of lamps of incandescent, the most sold and purchased. They are for a whole century older than most of their competitors, so it is not so easy to squeeze such a market segment. What is the matter, because it has long been known that the largest electricity consumption is precisely in the usual light bulb? Firstly, they stand a little. This is already an important factor, especially if you are not paying for light. Secondly, they underwent a certain evolution, creating models for various specific tasks (for example, miniature lamps), improved, allowing you to spend less electricity (mirror lamps). Thirdly, they are unpretentious; easily tolerate transition processes, different temperatures, humidity and other non -standard conditions, and, as already mentioned, it is cheaper to replace them. Finally, they are used not only for their intended purpose, but also for non -standard tasks, for example, as a heat source.

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