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Wind -protective materials (films, membranes, slabs).

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Wind protection is a special material that is designed to protect building structures from heat loss due to wind.

Types of windproof materials

Vapor -permeable – their installation is carried out over the insulation, passes moisture and removes condensate to the outside;

Vapor barrier – attached to the insulation. Do not let out warm/cold air from the house.

Output form:

Films and membranes;

Stoves impregnated by wax.

Whether windproofing is needed?

Two heat leakage mechanisms:

Infiltration – warm air passes through pores, cracks and cracks in the walls of houses;

Blowing – mineral wool insulations have a porous structure, so the air in them circulates quite freely, which can reduce the efficiency of thermal insulation several times, it is for this that a windproof lining is needed.

Also, windproofing can perform the functions of moisture insulation.

Manufacturers who have proven themselves in the market:




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