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Penoblock 600x250x200 – building material with which you can perform work both on the capital construction of houses, households, garages and other buildings, and make the redevelopment of the premises, mounting full and incomplete partitions that carry and unnecessary walls.

Foam block dimensions of which are 600x250x200, can also be used as building materials for the device of light foundations.

The advantages of foam blocks are due to their structure, which on the cut resembles a honeycomb. Foam blocks consist of concrete filled throughout the mass by air bubbles. The best foam blocks have uniform filling throughout the thickness. Such foam concrete blocks are obtained when the autoclave method is used.

The main advantage of foam concrete blocks is their low thermal conductivity. That is why the thickness of the foam block is an important parameter when choosing. The thicker the block, the less heat it carries out, the more efficient its use in the construction of residential, administrative and other buildings, and the greater the economic benefit.

The second plus of the foam concrete block is its ease. Transportation and construction costs are reduced, since the weight of the materials necessary for the construction of the structure is reduced and the workflow is accelerated. Also, from undoubted positive moments, it is worth noting the environmental friendliness of the material and its resistance to biological decomposition (decay). Does not harm foam concrete blocks and ultraviolet radiation, and daily temperature changes, and high humidity.

The composition of foam blocks includes concrete from Portland cement, sand and foam, which is formed from the water, air using special hardeners in a foamenth. The foam is added to concrete, and the resulting mixture is mixed until smooth and dried in the form of either in air or in autoclave installations.

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